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New York Single-Handed

I noticed last winter that New Yorkers lose an inordinate number of gloves. I started counting on my way to and from school every day and gave up sometime after about thirty, lying in piles of slush or thoughtlessly trampled underboot. This winter I decided to do something about it.

NYC Glove Orphanage

The New York City Glove Orphanage is a collection of gloves found on the streets of New York. The site was an exercise in PHP and MySQL backend building for a class assignment, but the idea lives on. Initially the idea was to allow people to create profiles a la dating site for their remaining gloves (“looking for other my half”) or to use the site as a mismatched pair clearing house, but both of those require getting other people to come to the site. Too much work. In the spring when the gloves come off, I hope to have a box full that I can make something with, a tree of blooming fingers and palms I can “plant” somewhere along my daily route so that people can be reunited with their long lost gloves.

I have a couple of rules. I don’t pick up latex gloves or any other disposable glove (I count work gloves, of which I have one representative sample, as disposables because they are interchangeable, ubiquitous, and more often than not filthy). If I see the owner of a glove drop it, I return it immediately. I carry around a plastic bag for quick hygienic scoop-ups of gloves of questionable origin.


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