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Bleep.tv: Sensorship

I was just thinking about how much I’m looking forward to starting classes again. For some reason, though, I can’t seem to think anything positive for very long. No matter that this past year and a half has been the happiest and most productive of my life or that even the worst day at ITP is better than the best day at any job I’ve ever had, immediately my mind looks for the cracks (minute though they might be), pisses in them, and waits patiently for temperatures to drop below freezing.

So the one thing I really don’t like in class is when people decide that they have something to say and must say it immediately, patient protocol-abiding handraisers be damned. I’m all for impetuousness, just not during class discussions when what you say is no more important than what I say (and certainly not more important than what the instructor says). There are several chronic offenders who are responsible for a fair amount of collective arm strain and lip biting, and it is to them I dedicate CensorMe.

CensorMe is a little Processing app that uses the OpenCV library’s face tracking methods to superimpose a black bar over any eyes it finds in the frame. It also emits a loud beep any time it detects speech. If the government does it, that’s a no no, but self-censorship has always seemed very much de rigueur in the US.

I’d like to encourage a number of my classmates to download it.

(I’m working on an on-line version, but I may have to port it to flash as doing video capture in Java over the web is kind of a nightmare).


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