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PComp Lab 6: Ongoing serial

This lab was straightforward and the concepts not all that difficult, at least after having gone through them in class first. After trying both methods for serially communicating, I definitely find the punctuation method the most intuitive, though I can see the advantages of call and response and will probably rely on it rather than punctuation when I mock up our midterm project software this week.

There’s not much to document other than actually having done the lab. I used a potentiometer and a photo sensor as my analog inputs and a two-state switch instead of a button (I left my buttons at home). Here is my wiring:

Here is an artistic shot of my wiring (which I’m definitely starting to actually understand now):

Here is the screen showing all the values I got when using the punctuation method:

And here are all the values that the handshake method yielded:


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