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I’m your biggest fan

As I am working with real fans for my PComp midterm, I thought it only fitting to extend the theme virtually into ICM. My idea is to take a picture and turn it into little colored bubbles that can then be blown around by a fan with a position determined by the mouse position and a variable speed (controlled by a real-world potentiometer). The fan speed and direction will determine the image bubbles’ movement. In addition, I hope to give them a slightly chaotic and organic “return to normal” motion.

This is a prototype of the fan (click to speed it up and slow it down).

My next task is to figure out the bubble physics. I’ll start with a single bubble and then I’ll make it a class. Then I have to figure out how to get an image to turn into an array of bubbles. [Update: Done! (Jitter added for effect)] Miles to go before I sleep!


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