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28 Minutes Later

After a Friday daytrip to Storm King and multiple marathon eight-hour discussions, all eight of us in my Applications group decided that the best of way to react to Lili Cheng’s underwhelming twenty-minute talk about how great her job at Microsoft was by getting our entire class to create something lasting together while having a really good time.

So much of creativity depends on a properly fertile environment. The eight of us created this environment by breaking up our 100 classmates into groups of twelve, running silly energizing exercises to get the lethargic afternoon blood pulsing through their veins, and giving them very specific structural instructions while leaving all content decisions up to them.

Four groups were tasked with creating a 1-minute scene from a zombie film:

  1. 2 ITP students get attacked by zombies;
  2. A zombie chase sequence;
  3. A standoff between zombies and non-zombies;
  4. The last remaining non-zombie succumbs.

And four groups were tasked with recording slightly (but not entirely) random 1-minute sound clips:

  1. A videogame is interrupted by a call from the medical center and an apple is eaten;
  2. A family vacation is interrupted by a natural disaster;
  3. A fight breaks out between two unnamed animals in the style of a documentary;
  4. Your chosen candidate loses in the upcoming presidential election.

The audio was recorded onto M-Audios and the filming was done on Xacti cameras set to black and white. Class started at 4pm and we screened the Director’s cut of the movie (composed on the fly in iMovie) at 5pm. Here is the final version, with a little reordering and a judicious edit or two:


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