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Nice Pianist!

After a three days sweating in a tux, lugging heavy lights up forgotten back staircases of the Tisch building and getting coated in dust, punched repeatedly in the hand and abdomen, having to make quite a fuss to get access to a grand piano, and then spending the better part of a week hunched over Final Cut in the video lab, here it is, our small visual sonata.

I was worried that the story wasn’t going to look very good, but Michelle’s color correcting wizardry resulted in exactly the look we wanted. It’s amazing to see a story I dreamed up years ago semi-ported to the screen!

My favorite part of the whole process was watching Michelle lug the camera and tripod all the way up twelve flights of stairs and then balance it precariously over the void between two opposing railings only to not be able to yell loud enough for Zach and me to hear her below (a trombone being played on some intervening floor, possibly the seventh, drowned her out completely).

Once again I’m amazed by the amount of depth and believability sound adds to a scene. Shots that just didn’t cut well together looked flowed naturally once they shared a soundtrack. Three people and a curtain became a full party with the addition of appropriate ambient sounds. And a silly stomp became cringeworthy with the addition of a little crunch.

I can’t imagine the sheer volume of work and organization that goes into a big studio movie, especially one with complicated live-action special effects. And honestly, I’m happy I don’t have to.


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