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The Final Straw

For my last Commlab assignment, I abandoned Happy and After Effects and returned to stop motion, which was my favorite technique among all the ones we played with this semester.  There is something so satisfying about taking a format with which I’m very comfortable (nice static Photoshopable photographs) and transmogrifying it by virtue of nothing other than repetition  into animation, a format that until recently provoked cold sweats.


I wanted also to revisit this photograph, which was part of an invitation that I made for the party Bridge and I threw to announce our arrival in New York (that sounds so grand, but that we threw a party doesn’t mean that anyone actually caught it).

Bridge and I discussed the idea and she thought it would be fun to film a discombobulated argument.  I had recently listened to the White Stripes song “There’s No Home for You Here” which I thought would make a great soundtrack.

So we set up the tripod and a bunch of lights in the apartment and separately photographed our eyes and our mouths as the song played.  I stitched the resulting photos into a four-frame collage in Final Cut.  I’m not all that happy with it.  It’s too slow; I should have taken about three times as many photos, though I’m not entirely convinced that the whole thing shouldn’t just be done in video to begin with. And syncing the sound was a total nightmare.

Also, and this was the feedback I got in class, why is there no interaction between the frames?  It seems a shame to set up these boundaries around each frame only to respect them!  It’s a decent proof of concept but it needs redoing, and that’s what’s great about being on an academic calendar.  In January, we’ll plan some interframe action and shoot it again, this time in DV.


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