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SPLICE flyerOne of the people who wandered by my display at the Winter Show was Maxx Klaxon, an electronic musician who organizes occasional music, sight, and sound events around New York. Matt Parker and I formed the “art” component of the evening. Matt showed Face of the Nation which because of projector difficulties was a little more purple than usual. Despite Matt’s hesitation to show it, the crowd responded enthusiastically—it really is hypnotic to watch.

I showed T.H.A.W., which was also well received, though by the time I came on I had several beers under my belt, so it might only have seemed that way. This is the first time I was able to show it with the sound running through a PA as I originally intended, and it sounded great. Big up to Max for organizing the evening, it was really fun.

Here’s a video of T.H.A.W. with sound:

And here’s the hair metal version:


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