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A Migrating Headache

I installed and set up WordPress on my server because the MovableType installation I had set up for my girlfriend to blog about working at the Olympics was freezing the server any time her posts exceeded 200 words. And she likes to write. A lot. I found the process a breeze compared to uploading ridiculously large MT (I was working on a Chinese dial-up equivalent connection), and having already done several MT installs, I knew that I belong to that 1% of people that has to change the path to MySQL in the config file, so I had the install up and running in about fifteen minutes. It was the recent theming and customization that proved a pain.

Moving things back and forth between formats online always seems to take much longer than it should. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using Oinam’s Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) theme. And I should have listened to him. Because I decided I didn’t like how it looked when my code for PComp overran the existing margins,

and I especially didn’t like the look of scrollbars in the middle of a narrow columnar layout. So, why not widen the center container by editing the CSS; it should be easy to add 100 pixels to the width of the center, right?  Wrong.  Because then you have to edit the little niggling images that make up the container and none of the lines match up and it’s grids and repeated saves and uploads and checks.

I ended up resizing the height of the divs that contain the images as background images for the header and footer to get the stripes to match up again, which may have eaten up a little of the curve but looks ok to me!

Compared to that ordeal, transferring the Ong and Waterfalls posts from the web pages I made last week to WordPress wasn’t too bad.  Instead of trying to move the actual HTML, which I assumed would wreak all sorts of formatting havoc given my liberal use of break tags, I copied and pasted (tagless) plain text from the Word files I wrote both responses in originally and then added the images through the WordPress interface.  Took about ten minutes.  And looks pretty nice.


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