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The Rest of ‘Em

SmithTo commemorate my dinner with family and impending in-laws on the eve of my wedding, I simultaneously logged my galvanic skin response (GSR) and which way I was looking using a three-axis accelerometer mounted on my glasses (overkill, I know), which involved having my computer in my lap while wearing wired glasses and trying to carry on eleven conversations at once! It was a bold plan to discover whether I responded predictably (and differently) to my own family and my wife’s and it seemed to be working until three minutes in, an over-enthusiastic waitress howled at a joke nearby, which made me jump and pulled the wires out of my GSR sensor. Without a hot glue gun, I was helpless to continue, so I closed up the computer, resolved to continue next week, and enjoyed my beer.

Please note that my accelerometer and ribbon wire matched my shirt. Because that’s how I roll.

Click for a sample of the data I logged.

My glasses with accelerometer:


My trusty Arduino, wired up to lie flat:

My homemade GSR sensor:


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